The Mural

The Mural

The renovation of the Mangrove Mountain Union Church (MMUC) toilet block has been one of two major tasks undertaken during 2017. The project was made possible through collaboration between the MMUC Committee and a group of very talented local artists. As a result of their talent, dedication and love, the church has a truly unique feature.

See below for details on the restoration process:

  The church toilet block in September 2016.

To read more about the previous history of this building, click here to read the article which appeared in the local “Mangrove Mountain and District Community News” in July 2017.

   On October 15, 2016 the toilet block received a new coat of cement render in preparation for what was to come. 
   The most amazing transformation to date occurred at the end of February 2017.  The toilet block now matched the colour of the summer sky!
  An awesome group of talented volunteer local artists began the creative aspects of the mural in April. Due to very wet weather conditions, it took longer to complete the mural than we all thought. However, the final results made it all worthwhile.
   On Sunday, May 14th, Mangrove Mountain Union Church hosted a Mother’s Day Picnic in the church grounds. During this event, children added their hand prints to the wall of their choice. These lovely additions were turned turned into pretty wild flowers and colourful butterflies.
   The transformation of the toilet block is almost complete. The walls have been decorated with a large variety of plants, birds and animals of the local area.
   The Mural is finished!

An unveiling ceremony will be organised to publicly thank the artists for their efforts on behalf of the church.

For more photos of this awesome mural, click here.