The Church Hall

The Church Hall

The renovation of the Mangrove Mountain Union Church (MMUC) hall has been one of two major tasks undertaken during 2017. Whist work on the hall has not been completed this year, we are well underway.

See below for details on the restoration process:

  The hall acquired a much needed overhaul. One of the internal walls was removed, as can be seen in the photo to the left. A new wall, a metre further out was constructed allowing for a better-sized meeting room to be created.
  Thanks to the community working together and a Country Fair grant, the property now has a new, more-secure entry into the church hall.
  It also has a dedicated vestibule and a larger meeting room.

The hall foyer has been carpeted with very smart-looking, long-wearing carpet tiles.

The ceiling, walls and window frames have been freshly painted, presenting a welcome to all who use this facility.

It looks absolutely amazing!

  The new meeting room in the church hall is now a reality.

Along with the foyer, this room has received a fresh coat of paint.

New carpet has been laid and the room has been furnished with a table and eight chairs. Just perfect for any organisation’s committee meeting!

   In 2018 some new curtains were donated to the church hall thanks to some wonderful local residents. Look at the 2018 Renovations page for more information and photos.

Tasks to be completed include carpeting the remainder of the hall and painting the main room of the hall. 



The carpeting of the hall has begun! The old worn-out, thread-bare carpet has been removed and will be replaced by carpet squares tomorrow.


Below are photos of the new weather shields providing protection during times of wet weather. 




The new carpet make the hall look absolutely amazing. There were enough squares to put in the second meeting room as well. The church hall is now well and truly ready to be hired.