2015 Renovations

2015 Renovations

2015 was a very busy year for the Mangrove Mountain Union Church.

Look at the photos below to see what was accomplished, with help from wonderfully supportive and generous companies and local individuals, since April 2015.

Car Park
The car park has been levelled, graded and surfaced with rotamill. Thanks to Danny McCarthy from Dooralong for an excellent job which has really made a positive and safe impact.

The two driveway areas have been developed with appropriate pipes installed and safer driveways created. The Gosford City Council Works Depot assisted with this task as did Peter Fanelli of Mangrove Mountain. Both efforts were greatly appreciated.

Screens have been placed on the vestry door and on its windows by Alex Screens and Doors from Mangrove Mountain. No more mozzies or flies in summer!!

Sewerage System
The sewerage system has been upgraded as well as extended. John O’Toole from Somersby very kindly lent Mangrove Mountain Union Church his expertise by arranging and supervising this very necessary task.

New Water Tank
The old water tank from above the toilets has been replaced. A new pump which can be operated from the vestry and a water filter have also been installed.

Thanks again to John O’Toole for his help in relation to this.

The MMUC Committee received two free truckloads of mulch courtesy of Active Tree Services. This mulch will be used once the landscaping design has been completed. These design plans are currently being prepared by Zoe Cooke. Andreasens Green of Mangrove Mountain has also been extremely generous in the donation of plants to assist in the beautification of the site.

The electrical system has been checked and rectified where necessary. Exit lights have been installed as well as motion sensors to make it safer for night time visitors. A fire alarm has also been installed in the hall. City Lights Electrical and Security from Gosford has been of great help in getting this accomplished.

Mark Cotter of Catenate Consultant Lawyers is truly to be thanked for his efforts in conducting searches of the property. As a result, the Mangrove Mountain Union Church site is now comprehensively documented.



The church facilities now boast two lovely rural entry gates and wing fences. These were constructed by David Grant from Somersby and really set off the site, in addition to providing security for the property.






On November 28th, the front of the church was given a lovely facelift. The old concrete blocks were removed and beautifully capped sandstone blocks were put in place. Thanks to Mark and Josh Whitlam for their skill and efforts in delivering the appealing garden surrounds.

Gardens will soon be redeveloped in this area. A landscape design plan has been created by Zoe Cooke, Landscape Architect. This wonderful plan will be made into a reality on the site in the not-too-distant future.




In the coming months more work will take place to ensure that the awesome little church on the hill is safer and even more welcoming.

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