The people in the photos below have all been involved with Mangrove Mountain Union Church in many ways.

Going back over one hundred years, people on Mangrove Mountain have had a strong influence on the development of this little church. These photos are of the some of the early pioneers in the Mountain District who worked hard to ensure a church presence in the area.

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Mangrove Mountain Union Church has seen many groups on the site including a Monday School. Many young people joined in the activities after school.

Mangrove Mountain Union Church has been the site for many enjoyable group activities and events. These groups include the Tongan Choir, the Tongan Children’s Choir and the Pacific Challenge Group which visits annually from America. The Christmas Eve Carols and the plant stall at the Mangrove Mountain Country Fair are also organised by MMUC.

We would love to receive photos of any groups which have used the Mangrove Mountain Union facilities in the past or are currently using the hall or church building.

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