People of MMUC

People of Mangrove Mountain Union Church

Learn about the people that made the Mangrove Mountain Union Church (MMUC) what it is today.

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Rita Madsen (nee Harrison) came to live in Bloodtree Road, Mangrove Mountain in 1914. She was a long-time resident of the district and was intimately involved with Mangrove Mountain Union Church.

This document, written on the occasion of the Mangrove Mountain Memorial Hall Golden Jubilee in 1977, includes historical references to MMUC. Click here to read Rita’s recollections.





Stewart Brougham was heavily involved in all aspects of church life at Mangrove Mountain Union Church. This is his account of some of the history of the church from 1912 to 1991. Click here to read this document.






Helen Brougham has lived in the Mangrove Mountain area for the past 36 years. During that time Helen has been a very active member of the Mangrove Mountain Uniting Church of Australia and the Union Church. In the UCA she has been a wonderful organist for services and for special events. Her cooking for morning teas has been always a gourmet’s delight, especially the scones and the butterfly cream cakes. Helen also faithfully served on the Union Church committee for about 20 years.

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Rob Carraro is the fifth son of the late Enzo and Connie Rob-Carraro-webCarraro of Kulnura. He first became involved in the Union Church in about 1983 and in his later teens attended the Christian Fellowship. It was here that he became a member of the youth group and after that one of its youth leaders.

Rob no longer has a connection with the Church as he has moved from the area but you can read about his experiences with the Church over the years here…




Ken-SwanKen Swan is well and truly retired. He now lives at Morisset with his wife Elizabeth. They resided in Mangrove Mountain from 1980 to 2001. They attended Mangrove Mountain Union Church during their time in the district.

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