Working Bee Extravaganza!

Working Bee Extravaganza!

On May 26th a group of energetic and enthusiastic people got together to work on the garden areas surrounding Mangrove Mountain Union Church.

The remaining mulch at the back of the church was spread over both old garden beds and in new places which will become feature areas.

Andreasens Green Nursery donated a considerable number of plants, several of them quite advanced. The car parking area now has a lovely border of Lilly Pilly “Bush Christmas”.


Many Lilly Pilly “Resilience” plants will find a home behind the church in one of the new garden beds.


A quantity of rosemary plants supplied by Marian Grove Nursery was planted by the southern boundary fence along with some camellias.


With these beautification projects the church site is looking better and better for the forthcoming weddings.