What a week

What a Great Week!

As usual there have been lots of activities at Mangrove Mountain Union Church during the last seven days.

Last Tuesday, April 19th, Don and his mentor, Matt,  gave a most interesting presentation on meditation and mindfulness. All those who attended appreciated learning about ways to overcome stress through the suggestions they made. Meditation as Don said to the gathering, is a feature of all spiritual and non-spiritual forms of self awareness. It can help to deepen one’s understanding of life.

Tongan-choirOn Sunday, April 24th, the church resounded to the wonderful singing of a Tongan Choir. It’s beautiful melodies and harmonies in both Tongan and English had to be heard to be believed.

Tongan-childrenThe special singing of the Tongan children delighted all who heard it because it was so strong and beautiful.

The Tongan community is praised for its great singing and thanked for its involvement in the service which hopefully will be a once a month activity (second Sunday of the month at 9:30 am).

It has been good to hear people in the community say how lovely and welcoming the church is looking these days. We encourage our local community to come and participate in the services at this lovely little white church on the hill.