What a Great Service!


On December 13th, the Mangrove Mountain Uniting Church held a Christmas Service specifically for children and their families.

The Mangrove Mountain Union Church was decorated in a joyful Christmas theme, with a large Christmas tree, candles, bows, a beautifuk nativity scene and bunches of Christmas bush.



Pastor Tom Clark led the service which included carol singing, a play, a musical item, and a homily with lots of Christmas references.

The morning tea which followed was appreciated by all.

Everyone is now looking forward to the Christmas Carols’ evening which will be held on December 24th at Mangrove Mountain Community Hall, corner of Wisemans Ferry Road and Waratah Road at 7 pm.

There will also be an ecumenical service on Christmas Day at 8:30 am. This service will be held at Mangrove Mountain Union Church. Everyone is most welcome to attend.