Stop the dumping

Stop the Dumping!

Did you see the ABC 4 Corners story exposing the waste industry and disaster at Mangrove Mountain Landfill (both “Mt Bingo” and Spencer) which was aired for the first time on television last night, August 7th?

Along with the Mountain Districts Association (MDA) and the Community Environment Network (CEN), Mangrove Mountain Union Church is now calling for an Independent Commission of Inquiry and investigation by the NSW Police into the Mangrove Mountain Landfill as a matter of urgency.

There needs to be an investigation into the sordid facts behind Gosford City Council (GCC) and NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA)’s apparent gross neglect of statutory responsibilities.

This landfill site is in our drinking water catchment. We need this waste dump cleaned up and the site rehabilitated.

Mountains Districts Association has submitted a lengthy document to the NSW Premier detailing major irregularities in the licensing, operation and management of Mangrove Mountain Landfill over a period of 18 years.

Your help is needed!

Please go to the Community Environment Network site and send your submission to your local state government member.There needs to be an Independent Commission of Inquiry, an investigation by the NSW Police and the sacking of the EPA Board.

The NSW Premier must act now! … send your submission today.
John Asquith, Chairman, CEN
Stephen Goodwin, Mountains Districts Association
Mangrove Mountain Union Church Committee