Massive Thanks

A Massive Thank You

It’s really wonderful when various organisations on the mountain help each other for the benefit of all.

Mangrove Mountain Union Church is being kept afloat by a small group of very dedicated and hard working individuals. In order to raise some much needed funds for the church property  “Blues on the Mountain” has combined with the church committee to stage the Mother’s Day Picnic this Sunday, May 14th. With The Little Quirks performing for everyone’s enjoyment, the rural atmosphere and delicious refreshments on sale, it should be a picnic to remember. See previous posts or our Facebook page for further information.

Thanks to the generosity of two local nurseries, Andreasens Green and Marian Grove, there will be a plant sale on the day to match no other. An incredible array of plants is being offered for sale at prices Bunnings can only dream of! Viburnums, hawthorns, liriopes, lilli pillies, photinias, strawberry, sweet potato and rhubarb plants as well as many beautiful pot plants just to name a few.

A massive thank you to all individuals and companies who have helped to make this Mother’s Day such a special one.