Great Day

Great Day

What a great day we had at the Mother’s Day Picnic!

There are so many thank yous to be given

  • to Ryan  for organising, advertising and all-round helping out
  • to the Little Quirks who delighted all with their singing
  • to Andreasens Green and Marian Grove Nurseries for their generous donations of quality plants
  • to our brilliant artists for the work done on our mural to date and for enthusing the younger participants to add their mark to the painting
  • to the workers on the day, in the kitchen, in the ticket booth, in the church, around the grounds and selling plants
  • to all who came and enjoyed a  wonderful day relaxing under the gum trees and helping to support “the little white church on the hill”

    Thank you all.

    For more photos of the Mother’s Day Picnic, look at our Church Events Gallery page.