Country Fair


On December 10th, 2015 the Mangrove Mountain Country Fair Committee held its Annual General Meeting. At the conclusion of the AGM, monies were distributed to community groups from the profits gained during the 2015 Fair.

A very big “Thank you” to the Fair Committee which agreed to fund a considerable amount of the costs of the new gates and wing fences on the church property. The Mangrove Mountain Union Church Committee is very grateful for this financial support as well as for the recognition of the work that the people of MMUC make towards the community before, during and after the Country Fair.



What a fantastic day we all had at the Mangrove Mountain Country Fair. The weather was glorious, the people were happy and friendly and the plants were vibrant. The workers on the Plant Stall were kept busy all day helping others to find just the right plant to take home.

Thank you to the wonderful nursery owners who gave their beautiful and healthy products so willingly to assist their community.

Thank you, also, to all those who assisted on the day. The Plant Stall raised $3590 – all of which will assist the local community. Well done, everyone! Country Fair

The Mangrove Mountain Country Fair will be held on October 17th.

The Mangrove Mountain Union Church has for many years been an active participant in this fantastic community activity. Come to the plant stall, grab a bargain and support the local district at the same time. The MMUC would like to thank the following nurseries for their continuing generous support of both the MMUC and the Country Fair:

Andreasens Green, The Big Flower, Cruickshanks, Gale’s Citrus, Kawana Nursery, Marian Grove, Narara Valley Nursery, Pine-Lea, Princeton Nursery, Royale Orchids, Schepels Nursery, Scott’s Tubes, Screen Trees and W & K Smith.