Clean up

Clean Up Australia Day 2017

Everyone in the local area has been commenting on how lovely “the little white church on the hill” looks. These comments are very much appreciated. A small group of people tries to ensure that the church and its surrounds are regularly maintained and cleaned as the need arises.

Unfortunately litter and dumping seem to have become quite a problem in the “Mountain” area. An old dishevelled lounge was recently left on the church property for the committee to remove and take to the tip.


Congratulations are in order to the Mountains District Association who have organised community participation in the Australian Clean Up Day, in association with Bucketty and Districts Community. This will take place this coming Sunday, March 5th.

If you are available to help out with a major clean up of this district and help to restore this area to its natural and unlittered beauty, the Mountain District Association would love to hear from you.