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Our thoughts are with the people in northern NSW and Queensland. We pray that no further homes or stock are lost and that there will be no significant property damage with the worsening fire conditions this week. May God bless all those in the area.


What’s Happening at MMUC?

The Mangrove Mountain Uniting Church congregation has a link with the Narara Uniting Church Tongan Choir as well as our Tongan pastor, Pastor Tonga Pakofe. In order to better understand the culture of these wonderful people some of the folk from Mangrove Mountain visited the Kingdom of Tonga recently. This was a most interesting and eye-opening trip.

Tonga has been hit by many cyclones but the one which hit in February 2018, Tropical Cyclone Gita, has left a swath of devastation that is still being felt today. Many buildings were severely damaged – schools, churches, shops and homes. The majority of these are still under repair. Despite their plight, the Tongan people are warm and welcoming.

The Mangrove Mountain Union Church Committee, and individuals from Mangrove Mountain Uniting Church are supporting one of the schools in Nuka’alofa with both financial aid and in the provision of educational materials. Maamaloa Side School is fortunate to still have buildings standing however the children have very few resources. They have little in the way of paper, pencils, books etc. Many of their tables and chairs are old and unstable. They have almost no sporting equipment. In comparison we are all so wealthy.

If you would like to help MMUC to help some of our younger and less privileged neighbours, please contact MMUC Treasurer, Bryan, on 0408 722 006 to discuss what you can do.

The President is Coming to Town

The President is Coming to Town!

Dr Deirdre Palmer, President of the Uniting Church in Australia, will be on the Central Coast in September.  During her time here she will be speaking at the Gosford Uniting Church on September 8th, commencing at 9 am.

This is a wonderful opportunity to hear and meet such a distinguished member of the church community. The Mangrove Mountain Uniting Church congregation will be attending this service. Consequently there will be no service in the Union Church on that day. However everyone is welcome to join in with the Uniting Church people on that day.

The next service at Mangrove Mountain Union Church will be held on September 22nd, commencing at 9 am.

Kids in Need

Kids in Need

Here’s something that is definitely worth considering!!
Mangrove Mountain Uniting Church and Narara Uniting Church are trying to raise funds to assist a little school in Tonga which was devastated by Cyclone Gita. To date four walls and a roof have been erected. Hopefully the building will be water tight by next week. The inside of the building needs to be completed so that the kindy kids can move from their damaged classroom into their new building.
A worthwhile event will be held on Saturday, 31st August commencing at 6:30pm at Narara Uniting Church . There will be trivia, Traditional Tongan dancing, a cake stall and sausage sizzle. Tickets are $10 and if you want to come please let Robyn or Michelle know on 4328 1350. There is also a list of individual building materials available if you would like to contribute specifically to certain items.
Looking forward in seeing you there.