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Wonderful News

Wonderful News!

Wonderful news! The NSW State Government has announced coronavirus restrictions at religious services will be relaxed from June 1. From that date 50 people will be able to attend services at places of worship.

Mangrove Mountain Union Church will hold a service at 9 am on June 7th to celebrate this new development.

Mangrove Mountain Uniting Church will recommence services on June 14th with guest preacher,  Jim Longley.

Come along and join in, we’d love to see you.

Happy Mother’s Day 2020

Happy Mother’s Day 2020

To All Mums, no matter where you are: Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday.

For those in NSW, the Premier said two adults only and their dependent children could visit a household on Mother’s Day. However several visits could be scheduled across a day. Don’t forget video conferencing is also a great way to connect with your family.

However you spend it, have a great Mother’s Day!

Anzac Day Memories

Anzac Day Memories

As we can’t meet together this year we asked the members of MMUC for memories of past Anzac Days. Here’s one reply:

“When I was a teenager in the late ‘50s I went to my first Anzac Day dawn service at the cenotaph in Martin place in Sydney.  In the pre-dawn darkness all became silent as we began to hear a sound in the distance.  It was the sound of marching feet.  No band, no commentary, just the sound of the marching feet becoming ever louder as they approached the cenotaph.  Of course, in the ‘50s with WW2 not long over there would have been thousands of people forming that marching cohort.

It is a memory that remains vivid and which I hold in awe to this day.”