2020 Renovations

2020 Renovations

Mangrove Mountain Union Church is fortunate to be part of a great community. Every year members of local organisations get together for the Mangrove Mountain and Districts Country Fair which is held on the third Saturday of October. The people plan together, they work together and they benefit together.

This year, MMUC applied for a grant to build Stage One of a covered outdoor shelter. Such a shelter would give everyone coming to MMUC the pleasure of enjoying a cuppa in the beautiful rural setting under the gum trees. The committee was astounded to discover that the Country Fair was providing the money in full.

A huge thanks to MM&DCF Committee.

See the photos below to track the construction as it progresses through it’s various stages.

The next stage of the covered outdoor shelter has now been completed. Thanks to Lewis Building, MMUC now has a beautifully crafted covered area to be used for picnics, outdoor activities and even outdoor weddings. What could be a better location than under the superb gums that dot the property?

The property is continuing to have a make-over. Thanks to a local contractor many of the dead trees have been cleared away and the debris from the fires has been removed. Working bees have been hard at work to also relocate rocks and other trip hazards. This work will continue for some time into the future but the effects are already showing some amazing results: the site is safer and more beautiful than ever – it even has a view!

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