2019 Renovations

2019 Renovations

The church grounds were hit by a “mini cyclone” on December 20, 2018. While the buildings were largely left unscathed (apart from some minor damage to the vestry guttering), the grounds were very much affected.

Tree branches littered the property. Tree tops were wrenched from their bases and tossed metres away. Leaves and plant debris were strewn from one end to the other. The following photos tell the story.

Fortunately the crew from MMUC was quickly on the clean-up job. Throughout January branches were removed, larger logs were chain sawed into manageable pieces and the property was largely tidied up. A Level 5 arborist was consulted to ensure that the remaining trees did not pose a threat to anyone coming onto the church grounds, nor to the church or hall. Some pruning and felling of damaged branches will take place in the near future to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Thanks to a grant from the 2018 Mangrove Mountain & Districts Country Fair, a concrete path will soon provide safe and easy access around the church building. What a brilliant community we live in where different organisations all combine to help each other. Thanks, everyone!

March 2 and the concrete has been laid. Two days later, the concrete is dry, the barriers have been removed and it’s looking fantastic!

What a difference a day makes! After the mini-cyclone in December 2018, it was obvious that work needed to be carried out on the MMUC property to make it safe. All the trees were inspected. On March 7th, those that needed some TLC were treated by the exceptionally talented men from Treecorp. Thanks for helping to make MMUC safe for the community, Treecorp.

While Treecorp were working their magic, a working bee was also taking place. The church and hall have been washed clean, grasses have been mown and whipper-snipped and new plants have been placed around the grounds. The end result is well and truly worthwhile. Thanks to all who were involved over the last two days and made MMUC “the best church on the Central Coast”.

Next job on the “To Do List” was the tiling of the toilets. John has done a fantastic job. Thank you so much, John.

Shelves have been erected in the kitchen just in time for the Harvest Festival.

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