2018 Renovations

2018 Renovations

The year is only 18 days old and already there are some positive changes happening in the church hall!

The MMUC Committee was approached by wonderfully community-minded people asking if they could assist by purchasing material to make and install new curtains for the church hall. These new curtains would replace the ugly grey curtains which have been ineffectively covering the glass windows for the past few years. How could we say “No”!

A HUGE thank you to Judy, Michelle, Dee, Ian and Murray who obtained a very much appreciated grant from Somersby CWA and have supplied and hung brand new, sun-blocked curtains.

And just when we thought it couldn’t be any better, they added cafe curtains to the kitchen, thanks to a donation of material from Hornsby CWA ! Look at the photos below to see how stunning it all looks.


January is turning out to be a renovator’s delight at MMUC! The vestry roof has been rusty for quite some time and was beginning to cause concern. It has now been re-roofed and looks fantastic.The committee is grateful to all who have supported us in this endeavour and can now report that those people using the church and the vestry need not fear that the roof will blow off or that they’ll get wet!

A lot of work has been put into the church gardens this year. The trees and shrubs which were planted in 2017 have grown superbly well, aided by the recent addition of a fresh layer of mulch. Additional plants were added in June. The resulting garden is being appreciated by all.

The hall looks rather different now compared to the start of the year. There has been a big clean out of all the old, unnecessary  items. The old thread-bare carpet has been removed. In its place are some lovely donated carpet squares . These are the same as the ones in the meeting room. The main hall and the second meeting room now look absolutely amazing!

And now there are new LED lights in both the hall and the kitchen.

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