2016 Renovations

2016 Renovations

The maintenance work that was begun by the Mangrove Mountain Union Church Committee in 2015 has continued throughout 2016.

Have a look at the information below to see how the property is developing.

In MWorking-Beearch a group of people from Mangrove Mountain Union Church started working on the garden areas around the church. Working with what was available at the time, mulch was spread at the front of the property next to the gates and some donated plants were placed in the new garden beds.




There was a lot of activity in the grounds of MMUC on May 26th.

Andreasens Green Nursery donated a considerable number of native plants. These were very much appreciated and once put in the ground, really did a lot to beautify the areas in which they were placed.





John Ahearn did a remarkable job with his machinery. Many, many holes were dug enabling those on the working bee to get plants in the ground so much more quickly. Old casuarina trees (baker’s oaks) at the front of the property were removed as well, leaving space for new, fresher-looking trees. The remaining mulch was spread out in both new and old garden beds helping the grounds to look so much more inviting.




InHall-piers-3 July work began to restore the cracked piers under the hall. These were damaged in the April 2015 storms which deluged the Central Coast. Initially the hall was supported and every second pier removed.






New brick piers have been constructed.






The piers have been bagged in cement.






The remaining faulty piers have been removed, ready to be replaced with new bagged brick piers.




Hall-piers-7All the cracked piers have now been removed and replaced with new ones. These have all been bagged to look just like the originals. An additional bearer has also been put in place for added stability.






It’s Spring and the gardens with the new plants are looking fantastic!







Watch this space for the next development in about a month’s time – it’ll be REALLY eye-catching!






On October 15, the toilet block received a new coat of cement render. Look at the two photos below to see how much it changes the appearance of the building.

However, the changes won’t stop here. In the months ahead, the old toilet block will get another totally new look – both inside and out.




The renderers were working hard to create a smooth finish.








The render now needs to totally dry before the next stage can be carried out.





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