Sienna’s Baptism

Sienna’s Baptism





A precious little girl was the honoured guest at Mangrove Mountain Union Church today. Little Sienna was baptised this morning. Pastor Tom Clark from the Uniting Church conducted the service for family and friends.

Sing Some More

Sing Some More

We’ve been blown away by the number of people who have been reached, have shared and/or have contacted us about the possibility of starting a singing group in the Mountain area. It looks like it’s going to become a reality! However, we still need someone willing and able to lead the group.

An initial session will be planned in the near future, once all the Harvest Festival events have taken place. Watch this space!

Have Fun Singing

Let’s All Sing!

Do you love singing? Would you like to sing with other like-minded people on a regular basis? Just for fun?

Why not join our new singing group? It doesn’t matter how well you sing and no experience is necessary – just a love of music.

Do you have any experience/knowledge/desire to lead a singing group or choir? We’d LOVE to hear from you!

Contact Neil and Veronica on 0425313433 or email

Based on positive responses, we aim to start this melodic community activity in June.

106 Years Old

106 Years Old!

What a wonderful day of celebration for the 106th anniversary of the Mangrove Mountain Union Church! It was wonderful to have the Moderator of the Uniting Church of NSW and ACT Synod, Rev. Simon Hansford, sharing with us on this occasion. Thanks also to participants in the service including Rev. Arthur Pearce. The number of retired clergy in the congregation was heartening and encouraging for our small congregation. Thanks also goes to other congregations on the Central Coast who sent representatives to worship with us on this special day.