2017 Renovations

2017 Renovations

The committee responsible for the upkeep of Mangrove Mountain Union Church has worked very hard over the past eighteen months to maintain and improve the lovely “little white church on the hill”.

During 2017, two major projects have been undertaken on the property:

The Mural

The Church Hall

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Other projects, though not as large, were also undertaken during 2017. These tasks have ensured that the church buildings are safe, as well as inviting, for everyone who uses the premises.

A survey was carried out at the beginning of the year to determine the safety of the buildings. It was discovered that the piers under the church building required re-packing. This work was carried out by authorised builders. At the same time, new ant caps were added to the piers.

The front steps, which had been a cause for concern for some time received the tender loving care that they needed. The foundations were relaid and new, improved step supports were put in place.

The hall acquired a much needed overhaul. One of the internal walls was removed, as can be seen in the photo to the left. A new wall, a metre further out was constructed allowing for a better-sized meeting room to be created.

Thanks to the community working together and a Country Fair grant, the property now has a new, more-secure entry into the church hall.

It also has a dedicated vestibule and a larger meeting room.

The hall foyer has been carpeted with very smart-looking, long-wearing carpet tiles.

The ceiling, walls and window frames have been freshly painted, presenting a welcome to all who use this facility.

It looks absolutely amazing!

The new meeting room in the church hall is now a reality.

Along with the foyer, this room has received a fresh coat of paint.

New carpet has been laid and the room has been furnished with a table and eight chairs. Just perfect for any organisation’s committee meeting!

The church received a considerable number of plants from Andreasens Green for the Mother’s Day Picnic and also to sell during the Harvest Festival Central Coast. The MMUC Committee obtained some of these plants for the back of the hall. These will help the area at the back of the hall to look so much nicer for outdoor weddings and other events held in the beautiful church surrounds.

2015 Renovations

2016 Renovations

The Mural